Test Ride a Gypsy Cob & ‘Bring a Friend to Ride’ Day – 11 June

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The Gypsy Cob has an amazing temperament and is a horse for the whole family: suitable for a competitive child as well as a nervous adult, this willing, easy, gentle breed is rare in South Africa.

Join stud owner Susie Rannard and meet her extraordinary Gypsy Cobs to learn a little more about this gorgeously fluffy breed and have a unique opportunity to “test drive” them!

COST: At least one carrot – otherwise free 🙂

• Meet her gorgeous stallion, Snoopy
• Meet the foals!
• Chat to her about this remarkable breed; about the next breeding season and the possibility of owning your own foal or baiting one of the going adults.
• See different level riders (from beginner level) ride them
• Jumping demo as well (yes they jump too :))

Please email susie@nullgypsycobs.co.za to book your riding spot, they are extremely limited!


Do you have friends or family who you think may enjoy riding but have never had the opportunity to find out?
(Or have lots of excuses? ;))

Bring friends and family to spend a social hour or so hanging out at the yard, and Lynn & Meryl will be on hand to give FREE NO PRESSURE 10 min assessment lessons to anyone who wants .. strictly first come first served.

So get talking about horse riding, and invite your friends to this event!
Rusty as well as complete beginners and experienced riders welcome! So are super nervous people or never ridden before adults of all ages, and the kids!

This offer is only open to friends/family who have NOT ridden at Chikara before!

PLEASE RSVP to lessons@nullchikara.co.za to book your spot – limited spaces 🙂

BRING: Drinks and snacks if you want for yourselves, and apples/carrots for the horses!
No horses will be ridden without the appropriate bribery material for them 😉
(The instructors are easier to please – just show up ;))